Gonzales County, Texas Search Hints

1. ALL data entered on the search criteria screen must match for a document to be found.

2. Grantor and Grantee names are entered in the form shown by the example: "SMITH JOHN" (no punctuation).

3. To find Grantor or Grantee names where you are not sure if name is first or middle name, search for "SMITH%JOHN". This will find "SMITH JOHN" and "SMITH ROBERT JOHN". Sometimes names are entered on the same line like 'PATTERSON WOODROW SR & ELSIE M". In this case, a search for "PATTERSON%ELSIE" will find this document.

4. Dates are entered in the form mm/dd/yyyy.

5. The instrument number is a sequentially assigned number beginning with the 4-digit year.

6. Subdivision/Block/Lot and Abstract/Acres are available for searching.

7. Currently we are missing the following documents. We are working to fill these gaps as soon as possible..

07/01/1855 thru 02/28/1866
06/01/1866 thru 06/30/1866
09/01/1866 thru 09/30/1866
04/01/1869 thru 10/31/1899
06/01/1900 thru 01/31/1902
07/31/1902 thru 09/30/1902
05/01/1903 thru 11/30/1904
03/01/1907 thru 09/30/1907
04/01/1912 thru 05/16/1912
06/06/1912 thru 07/25/1912


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